A new website with information for the press and educators, details of current projects and expeditions, contact details for scientists in the polar regions and around the world, images, background information, and useful links and resources is available here.

More than thirty IPY projects presently study some aspect of sea ice or sea ice ecology. These investigations include ship expeditions (some of which have failed to find sea ice where expected), satellite remote sensing, ecosystem explorations, and monitoring of the health and abundance of bears and other ice-dependent marine mammals. The IPY Sea Ice Day represents an opportunity to learn about these sea ice projects and to talk to sea ice experts.

The Sea Ice Day will also include educational and community activities including classroom experiments, posters, fact sheets, and a virtual balloon launch. Information for educators is available here.

For more information regarding Sea Ice Day, please contact:
Rhian Salmon, Education and Outreach Coordinator IPY International Programme
Phone: +447711181509
E-mail: ipy.ras@gmail.com

David Carlson, Director
IPY International Programme Office
Phone: +447715371759
E-mail: ipy.djc@gmail.com