The Forum is being organized with the aid of several partners including: the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation, the University of Alaska, Fairbanks, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, and the Northern Forum. Organizers hope that it will be the first in a series of biennial forums held over the next few years covering these topics. There are speakers coming from many countries around the world, with a collection of participants as diverse.
For those that cannot attend in person, the Forum will be set up for web-casting and have web-conferencing utilizing the latest technology employed in the education field. One quick download will allow an individual or a group to participate by viewing, listening, asking questions, and making comments while the proceedings are taking place. 

The desired outcome of the forum includes the identification of a research agenda for the field of northern building and infrastructure design, the development of on-going research partnerships, agreements on complementary and/or collaborative research topics, and appropriate dissemination of the information gathered. This event is designed to address the needs of all northern communities and lead the way to create a new vision for our future.  Registration and information for the Forum on Sustainable Northern Shelter in a World of Diminishing Resources is available online on the events website or through the Cold Climate Housing Research Center.
More information can be found here.