Since 1999, ASSW combines business meetings of arctic organizations with common activities, such as a Project Day arranged by the ASSW international planning group and a Science Day organized by the local hosts.
ASSW 2008 is hosted by the Government of Komi Republic; Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS); Komi Science Centre, Ural branch, RAS; Arctic Research Centre; and Council of Rectors of Komi Republic. ASSW is a collaborative effort between the International Arctic Sciences Committee, Arctic Ocean Sciences Board, European Polar Board, Pacific Arctic Group, and Forum of Arctic Research Operators.

The summit of influential organizations engaged in arctic and polar research and planning provides opportunities for international coordination, collaboration, and cooperation in all areas of arctic science and combines science and management meetings. ASSW also offers insight into arctic research undertaken by the host country. ASSW 2008 falls in the middle of the International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-2008, in which Russia, the host country, takes an active part.

Information about the conference program, organization, registration, and travel and lodging is available at: