The Center in Ny-Ålesund is part of the Ny-Ålesund Infrastructure Facility, which is maintained with the aid of several participating countries. ARCFAC is a Research Infrastructure Action of the European Community FP6, Specific Programme for Structuring the European Research Area. The ARCFAC programme runs from 2006 to 2010 and calls for proposals are announced twice a year, every year.
All scientists (especially the ones who have not had an opportunity to conduct research in Ny-Ålesund before) are encouraged to submit a research project proposal to ARCFAC. This programme allows scientific groups to get free access to the research infrastructure in Ny-Ålesund to conduct the fieldwork (or laboratory work) necessary for the project.
Information about ongoing research in Ny-Ålesund can be obtained directly from the research stations established there or through the  Svalbard Science Forum.
Deadline for proposal applications is: September 30th, 2007.
For additional information please visit ARCFAC.