Areas of interest include: geology, geophysics, hydrology, atmospheric sciences, geography, marine research, geodesy, glaciology, and Arctic geotechnics.
The conference is being organized by the Geological Survey of Finland, the Geological Society of Finland, the Geophysical Society of Finland, the Finnish National Committee of Quaternary Research (INQUA), as well as the Finnish National Committee on Arctic and Antarctic Research.
The conference will take place at the Geological Survey of Finland's Sederholm auditorium in Otaniemi, Espoo (Betonimiehenkuja 4), from November 12-13, 2008.
Contacts and enquiries can be made to:
Dr. Antti E.K. Ojala
Geological Survey of Finland
Betonimiehenkuja 4, 02151 Espoo

Phone: +358 40 848 9796
Fax: +358 20 55012