213,3141Victoria is a BCS degree student who comes from Arkhangelsk, Russia. Located along on the mouth of Severnay Dvina River in Russia’s far North-West, Arkhangelsk has a long history, beginning with its founding in 1584 by Ivan the Terrible. Today the city is inhabitant by approximately 400,000 citizens and is home to Arkhangelsk State Technical University, where Victoria is enrolled. Victoria is currently taking her second BCS course and says the online experience is very different from anything she’s tried before;


“Before BCS I’ve never had such experience- to study by distance education. It was very unusual to start. Also it was interesting to communicate with people from different countries- to read their opinions, to discuss with them different problems. As to my experience, first of all it was good training for my English. Also one of the most important parts was that it forced me to think- think about the problems and to create projects. I felt my brain work, and I liked it”.


Victoria became acquainted with the UArctic and the BCS Program through the Arkhangelsk State Technical University, and participated in her first course last spring. Prior to starting her studies, Victoria says she knew very little about the Arctic; “Honestly, now I think I didn’t know anything. Maybe only some stereotypes: polar bears, belugas, ice, brave subjugators, cold and other similar stuff”. Since enrolling, Victoria says the experience has been a very positive one, mentioning that she has receiving newfound knowledge and opinions of the Arctic, as well as accomplished her goals and expectations. When asked what the best thing about studying BCS is, Victoria says, that “it unites people with different mentalities, cultures, and languages; and you can get a lot of interesting solutions to a problem”.



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