The workshop, organized in collaboration with the Northern Forum, the Northern Forum Academy and the Institute of the Indigenous Peoples of the North, will aim at training experts and local people to document traditional knowledge and observations made in their own communities, allowing them to better understand the changes that are taking place in the Arctic.
Furthermore, the workshop will enable participants to develop techniques of traditional knowledge assessments and to further advance Indigenous revitalisation of culture and participation in the scientific frameworks of Arctic change.
First created in 2000 to document and work with local Indigenous communities of the Northern regions, Snowchange became the Snowchange Cooperative in 2005. The non-profit educational, scientific and environmental organisation is currently focusing its scientific work on various Indigenous communities in Finland, Russia, Sweden, Norway, Canada, Iceland and the United States.
More information about the Snowchange Workshop 2007 - registration, full program and logistics - will soon be available on the Snowchange website.
For more details, please contact Tero Mustonen or Vladimir Vasiliev