This will ensure that the new Thematic Networks can be endorsed at
the next UArctic Council meeting in Archangels in June 2007.
When planning a new Thematic Network, the following issues should be
  • The lead and host of the Network should be UArctic member institutions.
Thematic Networks consist of individual experts from at least three UArctic member institutions, which can include the lead.
  • A Thematic Network shall, when possible, have membership from all three major northern regions (North America, northern Europe, and Russia).
  • A Thematic Network may choose to also involve members from non-UArctic member institutions, but representatives from UArctic member institutions shall have majority in any internal decision-making structure.
  • If you need any assistance in finding partners or with any other matter, the Thematic Networks Office is there for you and will help you.

    The final proposals should be sent to TN Office by the April 16. The proposal should be a short (one – two pages max) describing the Network focus, goals, membership, planned activities, and structure.
    Contact information:
    Programme Coordinator Kirsi Latola
    UArctic Thematic Networks Programme Office
    Thule Institute
    P.O.Box 7300
    FIN-90014 University of Oulu, Finland
    Tel: +358-8-553 3565
    Mob: +358-40-0274 056
    Fax: +358-8-553 3564