UArctic's BCS Program Class of 2006 with Instructors outside Bodø University College
15 of the 17 students received their diplomas yesterday during a graduation ceremony at Bodø University College. The event was the first graduation ceremony for the University of the Arctic's (UArctic's) Circumpolar Studies Program (BCS). The Circumpolar Studies Program gives students the opportunity to learn about the lands, peoples, and issues of the circumpolar world, with a special emphasis given to matters concerning indigenous people of the Circumpolar North.
"This is an historic day," said UArctic Dean of Undergraduate Studies Greg Poelzer during a speech to the graduating class.
The ceremony took place during the opening session of the 9th Meeting of the Council of UArctic. The meeting is happening June 13-16 at Bodø University College. The students received a standing ovation from the over 100 participants at the council meeting. Instructors of the Circumpolar Studies Program said they felt immense pride about seeing the first students receiving their diplomas.
"This is a great thing. A day of joy and celebration," said Bjørn Sagdahl, a Circumpolar Studies Program instructor from Bodø University College. "You are here because of this unique organization called the University of the Arctic."


BCS Graduates Receiving their Diplomas during the Opening Session of the 9th Meeting of the Council of UArctic




As one of UArctic’s flagship programs, the Circumpolar Studies Program has grown substantially s