The event is being organized by the Northern Research Forum, together with the 4th NRF Host Planning Committee representing the City Administration of Luleå, City Administration of Oulu, Council of Oulu Region, Luleå University of Technology, Provincia Bothiensis, Provincial Government of Lapland, Provincial Government of Norrbotten, Provincial Government of Oulu, Regional Council of Lapland, University of Lapland and University of Oulu.

The main theme of the 4th NRF Open Meeting is Tech-knowledgy in Economies and Cultures, with several integrated sub-themes and regional case studies. The discussions are expected to highlight in particular the matters of the role of research and the social relevance of science in addressing the issues of economics, knowledge and technology, borders, (sustainable/regional) development, international relations and politics, environmental politics, culture and community viability, integration and security, and regionalism and globalization in Northern regions.

For information on the Themes, Case Studies, Project-Day Topics, Special Sessions and Program and Schedule of the 4th NRF Open Meeting, as well as an introduction of the 4th NRF Hosts and Planning Committee members, please go to

If you would like to be on the NRF notifications e-mail post list, then please send your information to Lara Olafsdottir at the NRF Secretariat ( .

Young researchers and young professionals, primarily graduate students and those who have recently passed their MA or PhD, are eligible to receive full or partial travel funding from the NRF in order to participate in the 4th NRF Open Meeting in Finland and Sweden.

If interested, please apply by providing the NRF with the following:
(1) Brief statement of interest describing how your research and professional or personal experiences relate to the particular themes or projects which the 4th Open Meeting will focus upon.
(2) One page resume.
(3) An abstract for a presentation to be considered for a Square Hour, Plenary Session, or Project-Day Session.

Please send these written materials to:
Application Deadline: June 15, 2006
For specific questions and additional information, please write to the NRF Secretariat.