Mr Sårheim, who has been the lead of the Thematic Network on Social Work since its creation, has accepted another full-time committment.
Asgeir Solstad is a social worker and sociologist who teaches social work at Bodø University College. His research interests are professional development in rural areas, but he also studies money, households and public services. His previous work experiences include leading a NORDPLUSS network, working within the Pomorprojects and participating in various European networks.
Solstad says he's looking forward to taking the Thematic Network's lead on December 1 and recognizes the importance of such a network for his field of study. " Social work is a science and profession that is contextual, and developped locally. But is also depends on social workers and researchers who share their experiences and knowledge accross borders and cultures," he says. "I hope this network will continue as an arena for this important activity."
The Thematic Network on Social Work, hosted by Bodø University College in Bodø, Norway, aims to initiate and strengthen co-operation between institutions running social work education and research in the Circumpolar North. The network also aims to enhance the opportunities for student mobility and the exchange of knowledge in the area of social work in a Northern context, including in indigenous communities.   
For more information, consult the Thematic Network on Social Work web page