Scott hails from Vancouver, Canada, and first came to Rovaniemi in 1997 with a student exchange. He has held various positions with UArctic and ULapland, and is now in his third year as director of the Arctic Studies program. He teaches a number of courses, and is also simultaneously working on his PHD in international relations. Forrest feels the Arctic Studies program is “the most comprehensive program dealing with the north as a region with a multidisciplinary perspective.” He also feels it is a great stepping stone for students who want to ‘pursue a master’s or PHD related to the north.’
The Arctic Studies Program comprises of circumpolar courses, using many examples from the surrounding area. Location and resources are a highlight of the program; students are learning about circumpolar issues while residing in a northern region. There are field trips to various areas in Lapland, and also to the Kola Peninsula. The Arctic Studies Program has the option of 25 or 60 ECTS credits. This means most students take the program for either one or two terms. The credits are also transferable to the Bachelor of Circumpolar Studies program, run by UArctic. All credits in the program are taught in English. Courses are primarily taught by researchers working at ULapland’s Arctic Centre. Usually there is an equal representation of northern and southern students, many coming as part of UArctic exchanges north2north and GoNorth.
For more information on the program, check out ULapland’s website.