Centre for Research on Economic Relations (CER)

The Centre for Research on Economic Relations (CER) is a research centre based at the Faculty of Human Sciences at the Sundsvall campus, with a focus on business, economics and educational science. 

The centre was established based on the initiative of a network of companies that set out to strengthen the cluster within banking, insurance and pensions in the Sundsvall region. When CER was formed in August 2008, two other vital industries for the region joined: real estate and accounting/auditing. CER’s work is based on the above-mentioned industries, which collectively create the unique character of the business community in the region. It is only natural that the origin story of the centre has left its mark on both the research conducted at CER and the general character of its activities.

Ever since the centre was established, CER has set out to be a research centre in the truest sense – i.e. something more than a traditional research centre – and to study economic relations while constantly striving for improvement in relevant areas. In addition to conducting near-industry research and publishing results in international scientific journals, CER strives to share research results with the surrounding community and contribute to regional growth. The centre’s mission also includes the development of close collaborations with strategic partners (inside and outside academia) regionally, nationally and internationally.

Institution Mid Sweden University
Country Sweden
Infrastructure type Research centre/institute
Disciplines Economics
Language of operation Swedish
Keywords economic developmenteconomyresearch



Contact information

Lena Burman
Communication Officer
E-post: lena.e.burman@miun.se

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