CEN Louis-Edmond-Hamelin research vessel

The Louis-Edmond-Hamelin Research Vessel is a 26 foot aluminum Silver Dolphin which can be towed to any coastal destination. The vessel is authorized to operate up to 45 km from the shore.

Brand: Fab-Tech Industries Inc. (http://www.fab-tech.ca/)

Model: Silver Dolphin 26 #5

Structure: Aluminium

Date of consctruction: 2011

Type of construction: V Monohull

Cabin: Closed, Stand up cabin

Berth / bunk: No

Electrical system: 12 V, 5 kw battery

Length of hull: 7.93 m

Width of hull: 2.95 m

Draught: 0.70 m

Gross vehicle mass rating: 3 601 kg

Motor: Outboard

Number of motors: 2

Motor power: 135 HP, 100.71 kw

Minimum crew onboard: 2

Maximum crew onboard: 7

Operating capacity: Class 2 in exploitation sector (maximum distance from the shore: 25 nautical miles). Beaufort Scale 5 (maximum wave height 2 m and maximum wind speed of 25 knots)

Scientific equipment onboard:
Sediment grab / bucket
Short gravity corer
Ecosounder and profiler (CHIRP KNUDSEN 3212 of 3.5, 12 and 200 kHz)
Multibeam Ecosounder (TELEDYNE ODOM ES-3)
Inertial platform
Subsurface profiler (GEOACOUSTICS GEOPULSE PLUS from 0.5 to 13.5 kHz)
Interferometric bathymetric sonar (GEOACOUSTICS GEOSWATH (250 kHz))
Sidescan sonar (KLEIN 3000 )

Institution Université Laval
Country Canada
Infrastructure type Research vessel
Disciplines Biology and biochemistry
Environmental sciences
Earth sciences
Natural environments and wildlife
Language of operation Inuktitut
Keywords geomorphologyarctic environmentaquatic systems


The Louis-Edmond-Hamelin is available to all researchers. The rental of the vessel includes a boat capitain who has all of the competencies required by Transport Canada concerning the operation of small vessels. Please contact the people in charge. 


Contact information

Responsable :
Dr. Patrick Lajeunesse, professor
Tel. : (418) 656-2131, ext: 5879
email: patrick.lajeunesse@ggr.ulaval.ca

Other contact :
Claudia Zimmermann
Research professional
Tel. : (418) 656-2131, ext: 5809
email: claudia.zimmermann@cen.ulaval.ca


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