1. Attend the AOS: There is still some room available for those who want to attend the AOS 2013 but haven’t yet made arrangements. Registration and hotel bookings can be made through the website at www.arcticobserving.org.

2. Comment on white papers and statements: A total of 46 white papers and 14 statements have been submitted in advance of the AOS. These address the different themes through consideration of topics ranging from community-based to satellite-derived observations, to data sharing and compatibility, to system design among others. Papers and statements are available here and the opportunity to provide comments on-line remains open through the duration of the AOS.

3. Submit a poster: The deadline to submit a poster abstract has been extended to 19 April 2013. Abstract can be submitted here and will available as an electronic book during the AOS. There is a dedicated poster session and posters will be available for viewing for the duration of the Summit. If there is sufficient interest, a poster publication may be produced.

4. Participate from a distance: The AOS is experimenting with virtual participation to engage the greatest possible number of participants. Key sessions (plenary, panel discussion, and summary report) will be recorded and made available live or after a short delay. Virtual participants may also have the opportunity to submit comments, questions and engage in discussion during real-time. More information on virtual participation will be made available on the AOS website prior 30 April 2013.

5. Support the AOS and highlight your organization: Opportunities for sponsorship are still available. The AOS welcomes the participation of private sector and other groups interested in arctic observing and can provide booth space to those who are interested. Sponsor package information is available here

The AOS 2013 promises to be an exciting and innovative event, one that will help to frame the structure of subsequent Summits and guide the implementation and coordination of the sustained long-term (decades) operation of an international network of arctic observing systems.

Questions about the AOS can be directed to:

Maribeth S. Murray, Executive Director, International Study of Arctic Change

Craig M. Lee, AOS Organizing Committee Co-°©‐Chair, craig@apl.washington.edu

Martin Jakobsson, AOS Organizing Committee Co-Chair, martin.jakobsson@geo.su.se

Jinping Zhao, AOS Organizing Committee Co-Chair, jpzhao@ouc.edu.cn