The IPY 2012 From Knowledge to Action Conference is the final event of International Polar Year 2007 - 2008, the largest international program of interdisciplinary polar research ever undertaken. This conference will provide an opportunity to apply and disseminate the knowledge and scientific results from IPY from around the world and focus on next steps. Participants will consider ways to translate those new understandings into policy that will guide activities in and enhance stewardship of the polar regions.

Deadline for submission of Expression of Interest is 17 May 2011. Expressions of Interest received after 17 May will not be considered.

What is a Session Convener / Chair:
Session Conveners, also called Chairs, are the people in charge of reviewing abstracts submitted for presentation in a session. Generally duties of a session chair include advertising the session to encourage abstract submissions, working with co-conveners to determine which abstracts are given oral or poster presentations and if any are not acceptable for the session. The also are in charge of running the session at the conference which includes introducing the speakers, watching so presenters do not go over time, and facilitating question and answer sessions. For young researchers, this is a great chance to learn about the latest results in your research area, as well as meet many of the people working on topics of interest to you.  Its also a great leadership training exercise.

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