UniverSud Paris, associate member of the Paris-Saclay Campus, signed up last December with the European Union a European project for the recruitment of 26 international research talents by University of Paris-Sud-11, University Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines, University Evry-Val-d'Essonne, Ecole Centrale Paris and ENS Cachan.

These organisations are making an investment of nearly 6 millions euros, as part of a policy based on scientific excellence and attractiveness to the 5 host organisations. The RBUCE-UP project also aims to strengthen institutional collaboration for better international visibility by sharing investment and media partners. It is part of the new recruitment opportunities provided by the autonomy given recently to   French institutions of higher education and research.

The RBUCE-UP project is looking for 20 juniors and 6 seniors experienced talents to strengthen international relations of UniverSud members, providing fellows opportunities for their careers, attractive compensation and  research means. RBUCE-UP’ fellows will be employed for a 2-year long period. The RBUCE-UP project  includes also a welcome plan of researchers in France. An active collaboration with Science Accueil Association is established for a better monitoring of the arrival and stay of researchers. 107 laboratories, with numerous international awards to their credit have pledged to host a researcher and have appointed a dedicated contact person.

A large diffusion of the open calls in scientific journals, websites, social networks and through French ambassies, is in progress. At the same time, laboratories involved in the project actively participate in the spreading of the calls during scientific congresses or symposiums. Selection is made through peer-review requiring the appointment of International scientific experts.

This project is part of Marie-Curie Actions under the 7th framework Programme for research and technological  development (FP7) and in particular its people specific programme.

For more information, please click here or contact:

Claire JOLIBOIS, RBUCE-UP Coordinator          

Zolérha BALI, RBUCE-UP Communication                                                                                                zolerha.bali@universud-paris.fr