The book set detail intricate concepts associated with design, operation cold climate infrastructure such as natural gas pipelines in terrain subjected to seasonal freezing and permafrost affected by climate change.

Some of the engineering concepts and challenges associated with building infrastructure in cold climate terrain include:

Soil strain and soil creep
Frost Heave and Frost Bulb growth
Thaw Consolidation / pipeline relaxation
Pressure in Freezing Soils and Permafrost
Bending Stresses in buried pipelines
Uplift Resistance of Pipelines in Permafrost
Thermal Properties of freezing soils and permafrost
Mechanical Properties of freezing soils and permafrost
Hydraulic Properties of freezing soils and permafrost
Micromorphological properties of freezing soils and permafrost

The interdependence between cold climate infrastructure and the behaviour of freezing soils and permafrost is the main focus of this fourteen-volume book set/ library. The database included with the book set can be used by civil and mechanical engineers, environmental and geo-scientists for the assessment and design of the cold climate infrastructure.

Given the environmental challenges associated with the development of infrastructure such as pipelines in permafrost affected terrain affected by climate change these resources are quite timely and will be well utilized by any of your colleagues working on northern infrastructure projects.
If you or your colleagues need any additional information, please feel free to contact me any time.

Our research group has also released a twelve-volume book set titled “Contaminants in Permafrost and Freezing Ground’ If you would like more information about this release please contact me directly.

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