Due to the expense of attending the ICASS meeting, the organizers invite those already attending to help provide an invaluable opportunity for early career scientists by participating on the panel and in the roundtable discussion.

Participants are invited to suggest a topic of interest to discuss on the panel, and if desired, may choose to speak on one of the following topics:
1. The view from industry: relations with communities in the North
2. Experiences in publishing
3. Working with federal/state relations
4. IPY Qualitative Data Management
5. Non-North American perspectives on career paths
6. Post-doctoral, internship, and/or professional exchange opportunities and the benefits for both academic and non-academic career paths.

Please view the draft Early Career Workshop Preliminary Schedule at:

The organizers look forward to your input, and request that you contact them at your earliest convenience if you are able to participate.
For further information, please contact:
Arthur Mason
Email: amason4@asu.edu