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The International Polar Year (IPY) science and education community warmly encourages you to join them this Thursday, 4 December 2008, to celebrate IPY Above The Poles Day. Whether you are a scientist, student, young researcher, teacher, artist, educator, or parent, there will be many ways to participate. For further information, please go to:

Scheduled activities include:

Virtual Weather Balloons:
Launch a virtual weather balloon to show your involvement and log the weather where you are.

Multi-lingual Weather Observation Activities Participate with other schools, communities, and education centers around the world with these weather observation activities. The activities have been translated by volunteer teachers and are available in several languages, including: Arabic, Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

Live Events:
Two live events will allow you to ask questions of researchers in the Arctic and Antarctic, and of experts from around the world. These events are free to join; you must have access to the Internet or a phone.

- The Europe/Asia event will take place on 4 December at 10:00am Universal Time (7:00am Chile/Greenland, 8:00am Sao Paolo/Rio, 10:00am United Kingdom, 11:00am Europe, 12:00pm Cape Town, 1:00pm Moscow, 2:30pm India, 5:00pm Thailand, 6:00pm China, 9:00pm Sydney, and 11:00pm
New Zealand).
To participate in this event, please email:, or go to:

- The Americas event will take place on 4 December at 7:00pm Universal Time (9:00am Hawaii, 10:00am Alaska, 11:00am California, 1:00pm Chicago, 2:00pm New York City, 4:00pm Chile/Greenland, 5:00pm Sao Paulo/Rio, 7:00pm United Kingdom, 10:00pm Europe, 6:00am Sydney, and 8:00am New Zealand).
To participate in this event, please email: or go to:

Educational Activities
Access links, resources, and a wide range of related educational activities endorsed by educators and scientists.

Scientist Profiles
Learn more about the people behind the research by viewing photos and profiles of scientists.

Polar Research Background
Learn about polar research into the atmosphere, space, and earth observation, by reading background information.

To learn more about the IPY Above the Poles Day, and to participate in any of these activities, please go to: